Although epoxy floors  for concrete are widely used in industrial buildings, one must always have a broad and objective perspective around the materials to be used in choosing the best flooring. Therefore, to get an idea of ​​whether the m2 price of epoxy flooring that is offered to us is in the right range, we must first of all know the advantages and disadvantages of this type of flooring concrete sealant.

Advantages of the epoxy floor

The reasons for trusting this material are many:

Resistance : resistance is essential in industrial flooring, not only against different loads, but also against exposure to chemical and abrasive substances. It also offers good supporting capacity for heavy machinery and large storage facilities.

Self-leveling : important for the comfort of those who cross it.

Waterproof : eliminates one of the main weaknesses of concrete, its porosity and absorption capacity in the presence of liquids, even if it cannot withstand humidity.

Continuous : it is known that one of the most vulnerable points of the flooring is where the joints are, both for water filtration and for the accumulation of dirt. With epoxy floors , there’s no need to worry.

Drawbacks of the epoxy floor

Sometimes we can be blinded by the apparent short-term benefits of a material, but we don’t always consider the drawbacks or conditions present in choosing the best industrial flooring.

Time needed: once the epoxy floor has been laid, it takes about a week to carry out the activities on it, as the drying process emits a strong odor and vapors that are potentially harmful to those who inhale them.

Demanding application : These floors require the substrate to have a surface that is as clean and uniform as possible, otherwise it can compromise the integrity of the finish.

Skilled Work : Since much of this process is done by hand and requires constant supervision, not everyone can do these jobs, so its implementation is often a little expensive.

Difficult to remove : When you want to do renovations or repairs in the epoxy floor, the procedure for removing all the material is complicated, so if changes are foreseen in the future, this factor should be taken into consideration.

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