Many supermarkets and specialized shops offer a wide selection of detergents specially designed for cleaning offices and commercial contexts , which are frequented by many people every day and where the risk of bacterial proliferation is high professional hard floor cleaning services in Long Island.

On the labels of these products you can read different terms such as ‘formulated with natural ingredients’, ‘based on essential oils’, ‘for perfumed environments’ and the like. What exactly do these terms mean?

Relying on certain expressions very often you believe you are buying effective products that guarantee a deep cleansing and above all safe because they respect nature . In reality, this is not always true. Many companies, in fact, resort to targeted promotional messages to appeal to unsuspecting consumers, making detergents appear natural when they are instead made with a chemical base.

However, there are many companies that have developed ecological products for professional and flawless office cleaning .

Within the compositions of these green products there are no toxic and harmful substances for humans, animals and the environment. We are therefore faced with detergents inspired by nature, free of allergens and irritating elements.

Clean the office with green and safe products

The choice of green products for the office deserves the utmost attention, because it is easy to believe that a detergent is truly natural by relying only on the packaging, perhaps that recalls plant elements.

The green line for the office includes many solutions suitable for all floors , glass , washable surfaces , wood coverings , electronic devices and any other furnishing accessory . These products also allow you to treat and remove stains from fabrics such as curtains, cushions, sofas and carpets. In many cases they contain natural substances such as vinegar, bicarbonate, lemon and other extracts of vegetable origin with high cleaning and sanitizing power.

A peculiarity of the line of green office detergents is also the absence of parabens, surfactants, alkalis and phosphates . This explains why these products are absolutely safe and do not cause health problems.

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