Why Should You Buy A Used Car?

All of us like to buy a brand new car and we are just intoxicated by the smell of a new car when we enter a showroom. But at times, our heart makes our intelligence become numb because instead of buying a new car, there are plenty more overpowering reasons to buy a used car. Buying a new car when the same model is available as a used car has more to do with showing off and it is a decision based on lifestyle. If you can keep your ego on the side, use your brain a bit and decide to check out used cars in san diego, there is no better place.

Reasons To Buy A Used Car –

Saving Money – There is no doubt that the first and the most prominent reason to buy a used car is all about saving money, a lot of money. In most of the cases, you will end up paying less than half the price of the new car. It depends on various factors like the age of the car, the company from which you are buying the used car, the robustness of the interior and likewise. If you want to buy used cars in san diego at the lowest possible price, you need to check out Miramar. They have a wide range of used cars and you can also get finance from them.

Reasons To Buy A Used Car

Decreasing Depreciation – A new car generally depreciates at nearly 20 percent when you take the car out of the showroom. In the first year, its value depreciates by 10 percent and hence, a total of 30 percent of the car is lost within a year of its ownership. Instead, if you buy a used car which is slightly over one year old or maybe two years, you are overcoming the initial 30 to 40 percent depreciation and it is going to be the best deal you will ever make. You can drive the used car for say another two years before selling it again to get nearly 70 to 80% value depending on the health of the car.

Minimizing Insurance Cost – Insurance cost is directly dependent on the value of the car. If you have a car, you have to have an insurance and if it is a new one, you will have to pay more due to its high value. But for a used car, you have to pay less insurance cost due to its depreciated value. You can use the savings from insurance cost in better maintenance.

Furthermore, you can get a reduction in the registration fees and much more which point out the fact that buying a used car can be really profitable.