About the game

Initially teased under a tentative title Project A, back in October 2019, an announcement was made in the form of a trailer video of the gameplay on Youtube called the “The Round” on March 1, 2020. Ever since its official release on June 2nd, 2020, the long awaited game, Valorant has instantly captured the gaming world.  With its release, there has been a surging frenzy in several boosting service provider websites to help players progress in the game in the form of Valorant Boost services.

How to play

It is a free-to-play, multiplayer, first-person shooter (FPS) video game. It is a team based 5v5 game where players play as a set of agents from around the world. They are assigned as either the attacking team or the defending team, 5 members each. Agents in the game have unique abilities that get upgraded or charged overtime through kills, deaths or spike actions. Beginners initially start playing with a single ability along with a single weapon. Over the different rounds, they gain money based on the their performance as per an economic system of the game. This money can then be used to purchase other weapons and ability charges. The various weapons include sidearms, sub machine guns, sniper rifles, assault rifles machine guns and shotguns.

Game Modes

The game can be played in three different modes. In the standard non-ranked mode, the match is best played in 25 bets with the winner declared as one who makes the maximum wins.

In the Spike Rush mode, 7 rounds are played and the first team to win 4 rounds wins the match.

Then comes the competitive matches, which are in essence, same as a standard match but with an addition of a win-based ranking system. A rank is assigned to each player at the end of 5 games. It has a “win by two” condition for competitive matches as developed by the creators. Basically a team needs a two-win lead back to back, alternating between attacking and defending teams to gain victory. The ranking system ranges from iron to radiant which in turn consists of 3 tiers. Its easy to get stuck within the ranking system unable to progress further either because of weak team players or some other obstacle. This is when players can seek out a Valorant Boost from an array of boosting service providers.

The Deathmatch mode is a recent addition, introduced on August 5, 2020 where 14 players enter a 10-minute free for all match. The first person to reach 40 kills or the player with most kills at time-up wins the match. Players select for themselves a random agent they have unlocked in the game, and all abilities are disabled during the match.

Makers of the game have a done a fantastic job when it comes to the different features, graphics and playing modes. Players are hooked on this new FPS game which has been defined as “one of the most fun tactical shooter games” in the market.

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