What dew point is? A dew point is a temperature to which air must be cooled to reach saturation. The lower the dew point temperature, the smaller the water vapor contained in the compressed air. The mass dew point is the temperature. The moisture contained in the compressed air will condense into liquid water. Once the air had reached the temperature of dew point at a particular pressure, it results in an equilibrium of water vapor in the air with liquid water. Meaning to say, the water vapor starts to condense at a similar rate in which liquid water evaporation occurs. You should understand that the dew point is not just a natural occurrence due to the temperature around. But, it has something to do with the equipment you are using daily. It will be further explained here.

Is it measured or calculated?

Dew point can do both; it can be measured and can be calculated. Dew point can be both measured using a dew point hygrometer and relative humidity. The dew point for compressed air can become higher or lower according to the pressure and temperature. When further cooled, the air blow water vapor will condense to form liquid dew. When the air had a high dew point content surfaces as condensation.

dew point for compressed air

When frost point occurs?

Dew point is sometimes called frost point. A frost is being formed instead of dew. When the temperature has a lower freezing point of water, it is when the frost point occurs. It is when the temperature is below freezing. The higher the dew point means there will be more moisture in the air. Dew point temperature is never greater than the air temperature because relative humidity can’t exceed 100%.

The right dew point and compressed air quality

The right dew point with the optimized compressed air quality of the device you are using is a great help. Now, maintenance on the performance of a machine or any equipment using a dew point is crucial. For example, in an automobile facility, robots, and all automatic facility need to be stored at the right temperature to avoid issues like corrosion, rusting, etc. All these used compressed air at which you have to make sure that air must be clean and dry. Moisture in the air may cause corrosion of the equipment. Thus, the dew point for compressed air must be measured and calculated as it can affect the performance of any equipment or tools.

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